Tips for Creating Authentic Mentorship Experiences


“Mentoring is really one of the strongest ways to spell success in public relations.”

These wise words from the late Betsy Plank, namesake of The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, rang true last night in the “Mentoring Matters” Twitter chat sponsored by the Center. Public relations professionals, educators and students chimed in to comment on their experiences as mentors and mentees, emphasizing the importance of mentorships.

The chat was a valuable reminder that we have a significant role to play, both professionally and personally, to mentor others, by paying it forward and leading by example. Mentoring is a lifelong initiative and we all are working together for the greater good of our profession and its people. The following highlights were gleaned from the Twitter chat:

  • Mentors provide guidance and help mentees prepare for opportunities.
  • Mentoring is about setting an example for younger professionals who strive to be in the mentor’s shoes one day.
  • Finding a mentor is a naturally evolving process — you should never be afraid to ask someone for advice.
  • Settle on a communication style that works for both parties, but remember that nothing beats face-to-face collaboration.
  • Listening is an essential trait for mentors, and they should push mentees to excel at it.
  • Authenticity is key — all barriers should be gone.
  • Mentors also want to learn from their mentees’ experiences, otherwise known as reverse mentoring.

For more advice on mentorship, check out some of the #PlankMentor tweets.


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