Saluting The All Important ‘Front Desk’

Georgia Enty
Georgia Enty

“For nearly 25 years, Georgia Enty has literally been the face of Ketchum. Whether a job candidate, a client or a prospect, their first impression upon visiting the Ketchum Chicago office was formed based on that initial friendly greeting from Georgia at the front desk. And needless to say, Georgia leaves one heck of a first impression.

“When it comes to recruiting and hiring staff, that first impression means a lot. That’s why I have always believed that the person at the front desk and your recruiter are among the most important parts of the HR process. They help the candidate start to see the kind of company Ketchum is, and help them see there is a home for them here.

“If you’re an eager job candidate, you probably arrive a bit early for an interview and the wait. And for nearly 25 years, the early arrivers to Ketchum had the added comfort of waiting across from Georgia. Georgia always tried to help ease their nerves a little bit with a smile and an offer of something to drink. And the savvy job candidates no doubt used the opportunity to talk with Georgia and start to learn a little more about Ketchum. I have no doubt that a conversation with Georgia prior to the big interview put many job candidates in the right frame of mind for their interviews — and with a better understanding of our culture.” -Bill Zucker, Partner and Managing Director, Ketchum Chicago.

“Georgia has a special relationship with everyone at Ketchum, but in particular, it’s the interns. She is a teacher in every way. When I started as an intern 16 years ago, Georgia was my go-to. She could direct me to anything and everything: petty cash, where to catch cabs, the fastest way to get supplies, the best place to get a tasty and cheap lunch — my lesson, know your resources. But as I look back, she always had this knack for people –knowing everyone’s names, what they liked to drink, where they liked to sit and all those special details which makes visiting our office so personal. And she treats EVERYONE this way whether you’re the FedEx guy or a CEO. It’s this experience that I, like many other interns after me, continue to emulate. Georgia sets the tone for candidates, our culture, and creates that first impression that helps them understand what makes Ketchum, Ketchum.” -Hope MacGregor,  former intern, now Senior Vice President, Ketchum Chicago

“Visiting the Chicago office was always an enjoyable experience. I loved the energy of the city. And it was always great to enter Ketchum and be greeted with Georgia’s pleasant smile and positive attitude. As the welcoming face for Ketchum Chicago for so many years, she so well represented the Ketchum culture we value.

“When I think back on my many friends at Ketchum, I often remember fondly several of the Ketchum ‘doorkeepers’: Arlene in New York, Scott in San Francisco and Georgia in Chicago. They were the first impression to many visitors, clients and employees from all over the world. Congratulations Georgia and thank you. Enjoy your retirement. You will like it and you deserve it.”  -David Drobis, retired Chairman and CEO, Ketchum

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  1. Such a great post! Fantastic words about a truly fantastic colleague! Like Hope, Georgia was my go-to also when I started my Ketchum internship 10 years ago. I’m going to miss seeing that familiar smiling face and stopping for a hug every time I walk in the office but wish her all the best – she has truly earned it!

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