Farewell Advice from Receptionist Extraordinaire

Georgia Enty and Friends
Georgia Enty and Friends

For more than a generation, Georgia Enty has greeted employees and guests arriving each day at Ketchum’s Chicago office. Happily for Georgia, but sad for those who work with her, she is retiring tomorrow. But before she turns her focus to her beautiful family and grandchildren, I asked Georgia to share some tips for nervous job candidates showing up for interviews in an agency office.

Without hesitation, Georgia quickly listed a half-dozen suggestions, proving that a receptionist can get your visit off on the right foot. Here are Georgia’s six tips:

1. Smile

2. Try to arrive ½ hour before you appointment

3. Try not to constantly check your cell phone

4. You’re nervous (it’s okay)…Relax

5. Engage the receptionist in conversation. He/she has a wealth of knowledge. The conversation can begin with small talk, as in, the weather, our office space, news of the day

6. Some questions you might consider asking the receptionist:

  • “How long you been with the company?”
  • “What’s the culture like here?”
  • “How many employees work out of the office?”

Georgia’s many friends and passing acquaintances will miss her smile and good vibes as they arrive each day for work or as they anxiously await their interviews.

Farewell, Georgia. And keep smiling.

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One thought on “Farewell Advice from Receptionist Extraordinaire

  1. Leave it to Georgia – realistic, meaningful advice. Ketchum Chicago will never be the same

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