Betsy’s Gift for PR Students and Pros: Great Advice

Even though she is no longer with us, I’m confident public relations pioneer Betsy Plank is watching with delight from Above today as students and professionals celebrate her 90th birthday by reflecting on her immeasurable contributions to our profession.

Whenever any of us talked with Betsy, no matter how busy she might have been with business issues, almost every conversation came back to “what are you doing to help develop the next generation of public relations professionals?” By the way, I never heard her say “PR”–it was always spelled out. (That is about the only thing she insisted on that I didn’t adopt, mainly because PR fits better in headlines).

The following info-graphic summarizes the mainstay advice that Betsy shared with students lucky enough to meet her over the years. Her birthday today is a perfect time to pass along her wise words to the next generation of public relations pros.


For more about this remarkable woman, visit the Plank Center Website, and read her obituary on this blog from 2010. Follow the conversation about this great woman on Twitter #BetsyDay.




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