Admitting Mistakes Sooner Than Later Saves Jobs


Q. Although this has never happened to me, I was wondering if you had any pointers on improving your relationship with your employer if something goes wrong from the beginning. I feel it is important to understand how to deal with this in the professional workplace, especially for new employees.

A. If this hasn’t happened to you yet, chances are it will. So, it’s wise for you to give it some thought. More people should think about this potential issue before they get into “trouble” on the job. While college allows for mistakes, most workplaces today are less receptive to mistakes, even during early days of a career. Although expectations sometimes can be unreasonable, interns often are expected to do flawless work from Day One. No typos, no grammar mistakes and no missed deadlines, not even an hour late.

If mistakes occur, an employee should meet with his/her supervisor immediately to acknowledge the problem before it grows into a bigger issue. Don’t even wait for the next day. Take it from me, the problem usually gets bigger the next day and you’ll have trouble sleeping that night.

Admitting what you don’t know can alter assignments that you’re not ready to handle. Most supervisors will make sure you get help from others who routinely handle the unfamiliar tasks. During college, be sure to take classes or workshops that develop your writing skills and proficiency in research and media list development. These skills are essential for most agency internships and entry-level jobs. Finally, don’t wait for your boss to initiate discussions when you think something might be on his or her mind regarding your performance. They have a lot invested in your success, so enlist their help sooner than later.

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