Other Courses That Will Help Advance Your Public Relations Career


Although your college education may have touched on specific areas that may relate to your career in public relations, detailed or advanced courses in specific fields could help you develop a resume that exudes perfection. Besides, it’s always a good idea to keep yourself apprised of changes and techniques in specific areas. During your career, you are going to come across a great deal of situations that could benefit from the knowledge provided by other courses.

1. Psychology – Regardless of your career, any work that deals with the public benefits greatly from extensive knowledge of psychology. Although you don’t need a PhD in order to be successful as a public relations coordinator, it can help you develop understanding towards people and devise a more intuitive plan of action for any circumstance. Even completed courses in child psychology could open doors to organizations and people dealing with such.

2. Economics – Courses relating to business economics can help you develop public relation strategies as well. Like psychology above, your success could benefit greatly by developing a greater knowledge of the business you are representing. By developing practical analysis of the current situation, you could improve how this can be expressed to the general public. 

3. Multi-Lingual – Those who can speak several languages fluently are a bonus to any field of work. For public relations, these individuals can be golden. Depending on the employer and area you are working in, comprehending several languages will encompass a greater connection with more individuals than merely being translated. It can provide a sense of this connection on a personal level that is lost.

4. Proper Grammar – Any English course can be a great benefit to presenting a strong case for your employment. By furthering your own command of the language, you are demonstrating that you may be a strong speaker or writer and can greatly benefit any organization for PR events. The more well spoken you are, the more your message will present a sense of professionalism. It takes more than large words to make an audience view you as an expert in your field.

5. Creative Writing – While some may view this course as more of something that can help you “spin” information, you can actually develop a marketable method to make something sound less horrible than it is with creative writing. For instance, there are many adjectives that can be substituted for other words. Would you rather use the word “hate” over “dislike?” Since the word “hate” has more of an aggressive undertone, you wouldn’t want to use it when talking to the public.

6. Theater – Theater is another course that may be considered as a “gray” area for selecting a course in public relations. However, there is more to theater than acting out a scene on stage. You could develop a greater appreciation for controlling your emotions while standing in front of groups of people. Emotions can be detrimental when speaking to the masses and having a background to help you control them could be greatly beneficial.

There is more to public relations than merely talking to the public and protecting your client’s image. You have to understand the community and what would affect the people. While you don’t need a degree in every field of study, it’s always a good idea to keep yourself knowledgeable for yourself and your client’s sake.

Ken Myers is the founder and CEO of Longhorn Leads, which owns several in-home care related websites. As a graduate of Upper Iowa University’s MBL program, Ken tries to combine his experiences as a serial entrepreneur with the human resource principles he learned in college to create customer focused businesses that meet the caregiving needs of families across the U.S.

2 thoughts on “Other Courses That Will Help Advance Your Public Relations Career

  1. Hello,

    My name is Elexis Hill and I’m currently a student at Southeast Missouri State University. I thought this was a great article that really gave me ideas of classes I should pursue after graduating to improve my skills. I never thought about taking a psychology course but after reading the article it makes sense why I should take one. My question would be do you recommend just taking classes in each additional area or pursue one certification in an area?

    1. I personally like seeing minors or certificates in non-PR related subjects. Jumps off the resume and differentiates you from a majority of others.

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