Job Postings: Respond Sooner Than Later

Unless you want a part-time gig at McDonald’s or Sears, don’t bother responding to online job posts that are more than two weeks old. The average listing duration of PR job postings has dropped dramatically over the past few years.

Recruiters from several agencies recently told me that once traditional 30-day job posts are gone forever, replaced by one-week and even 3-day listing periods. One Chicago agency earlier this year received nearly 800 online applications for an entry-level position that had been posted for two weeks. That agency now posts new openings for three days, netting nearly 125 resumes per posting. Reducing the number of posting days eliminates a considerable about of review time by the human resources team, while recruiters say the shorter time produces the same ratio of quality candidates.

This quicker turnover time for job postings requires applicants to continually check and re-check job openings at their preferred employers. And don’t wait to apply. When you see a job of interest, don’t put it on the back burner until you’re in the mood to respond. PR jobs are being filled in real time as new business requires staff additions. When the right candidates are identified, they’re hired.


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