Check Job Postings Every Day Or Miss Out

Q. I am currently a senior at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO and I thought the article about 12 Job Search Websites was particularly helpful because I am graduating in May 2013 and I am looking for good job search websites. I have been looking at which is another job search website that allows you to enter your desired location and key words related to your job, then it emails you whenever new jobs with your specifications are found. Have you heard of and/or do you think this is a good resource? Also, would it be better to go to specific company websites as opposed to job search sites? -AD

A. Yes, I’m familiar with I recommend it often since it gives people ideas of the types of jobs that exist around the country, but a large number of agencies and corporations don’t regularly advertise on such job sites. Therefore, it is important to check company websites each and every day. I stress frequent checking of these job boards and company websites since many agencies now only leave postings up for 72 hours rather than a week or longer. Agencies report getting the bulk of the best resumes within the first three days of posting. Some agencies no longer post jobs, so don’t assume there’s no openings if you don’t see them listed. Apply everywhere and apply again in three months if you haven’t heard anything. Good luck.

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