Go Ahead And Overcommit to Extra Curriculars


Q.  Is it possible to be over involved in college activities?  My friends are critical of me since they focus on homework and fun. I’m getting stressed out by the things on my plate ranging from sorority rush chair and PRSSA vice president to working 10 hours a week.  -RT

A.  Don’t listen to your friends.  There’s nothing wrong with being overly involved during your college years.  There is no better time to gain a wide range of experiences that build towards your future career.  My college career was one giant experiment in over commitment, but each activity provided insights that would have taken me years to discover in the outside world.  As student newspaper editor, I learned how to be a better writer. As head of a college political group, I learned organizing skills and made important contacts that helped land my first job out of college.  And the list goes on and on since my college resume might have had a mediocre GPA, but it was jammed with extra-curricular activities that supported my ultimate career goals. So, rather than getting stressed out, reassess your current commitments and focus on those that will have the most relevance to your future career.

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