Freelance Advice: Take a Deep Breath and Go!

Sylvie Sadarnac

At my Agency Management class last night, four freelancers discussed the trials, tribulations and joys of taking the bold move of going out on their own.  Over the next several weeks, I plan to share their suggestions on how to ensure a successful transition from full-time to freelance.  First up is Sylvie Sadarnac, who operates under the banner Kedrika Communications.  Sylvie also summarized her comments via a YouTube videoHere are her freelance career words of advice in headline form:

Congratulations!  You’re on your own.  Now What? Take a deep breath. . .and Go! 

  • Have Lofty Goals, but Be Flexible
  • Be Ready for the Downs – as well as the Ups
  • Remember that You Are Strategist, Tactician, Tech Guru and in Charge of the Office Coffee All in One
  • Be Clear about What You Want
  • Be Clearer about What You Don’t Want
  • Be Clearest about What You Can Do to Benefit the Client
  • Stay Current in Your Field, but Partner with Specialists when It Benefits the Client
  • Network and Do Pro Bono Work
  • Write, Give Speeches; Inspire
  • Be Realistic about Client Budgets (Always too Small)
  • Make Peace with Compromise (As Long As It Is Ethical, Logical, and Grammatically Correct)
  • Keep Calm and Persevere
  • Always Remember Why You Decided to Go at It Alone!
  • Embrace that You Truly Are a 21st Century Factotum (Yes, You Can “Do Everything,” As Long As It’s Legal, Ethical, and Beneficial to You and Your Client)
  • Manage Your Expectations—along with Your Client’s
  • Keep a Sense of Humor
  • Keep Breathing: It Will Make it Easier to  Find the Right Balance

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