Global Perspective Needed for Success in PR Career

Thanks to George San Jose, founder and chief creative officer of The San Jose Group, for hosting my DePaul Agency Management class last week while I “Skyped” in from the offices of Giacometti, an independent ad agency in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Giacometti’s Willer Velloso and Mariana Lima explained the structure and culture of their agency, while George discussed how independent U.S. agencies work across boarders to achieve client objectives.

Willer, Mariana and George concurred on the importance of having a global perspective if you wish to succeed in public relations and advertising.  You must be follow issues of the day, not just locally, but around the world.

“Agencies that can offer perspective clients a glocalized marketing approach towards Latin America will be in the driver’s seat of growth over the next decade,” says George San Jose.  The San Jose Group coined the word glocalized to emphasize the importance of local and global marketing.

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