Add Social Media, But Keep Resumes Plain, Simple


Most hiring managers prefer simple, to-the-point resumes with as little fru-fru as possible.  In other words, avoid fancy graphics, strange fonts and full-color photos.  

Be sure to include all forms of contact information beyond home address, phone number and email.  Include any non-personal social media addresses such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Skype.  The latter one might spur an easier-than-in-person interview opportunities. 

Most employers will check your web presence, so make it easy for them to do so.  Of course, this also requires that you edit out unusual photos or inappropriate chatter.  Check privacy settings and clean up personal sites such as Facebook.  A HR manager recently showed me the online photo of an applicant sitting on a beer-can laden picnic table while holding a funnel and bottle of Jack Daniels.  I don’t know the outcome of that search, but I’ll bet a pong party he didn’t get the job.

Several websites, including Primer, provide free resume formats that make it easy for you to produce a professional-looking resume.

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