PR Job Prospects Looking Up in 2012

A quick, unofficial check of friends at several agencies confirms a PR Week headline proclaiming a hiring boom in public relations.  I’ve heard this before, but there appears to be more year-end optimism than in recent years.  Most agencies indicate they are actively searching for talent, but many of the openings require a few years of experience.  Still, this sign of growth bodes well for future hiring at all levels.

According to a recent survey of online job ads, PR hiring is up 10% over this time last year.  In the past three months, recruiting services firm Wanted Technologies reports over 21,000 ads for PR professionals have been placed.  The bulk of hiring is coming from colleges, community and civic organizations, PR agencies and healthcare.

Earlier this week, two CEOs of major agency holding companies said they’re bullish on prospects for their firms in 2012.  As reported in PR Week, WPP Group CEO Martin Sorrell said, “We’ve just seen our ‘flash,’ as we call it, for November.  The top line and bottom line were stronger than we anticipated.  We continue to see good momentum”.   Miles Nadal, CEO of MDC Partners, said, “I’m more bullish on ’12 than I would have been a month ago or six weeks ago.”  He said he’s become “more comfortable today in clients’ confidence in 2012”.


SALARY SURVEY:  PR Week and Chicago-based communication recruiting firm Bloom, Gross & Associates are conducting their annual PR salary survey.  Just click this link to respond to a few questions that will help the industry get an accurate picture of today’s PR salaries.


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  1. Hello: To add to this prediction, just received a message from a PRSA Chicago colleague. One of the major agencies here is hiring pros with social/digital media experience. One is a VP level, the other SAS.

    As an aside: I wholeheartedly recommend that all serious PR professionals take every opportunity to promote the difference between sound, strategic PR and the press agentry that most equate with PR. We’ve evolved so let’s communicate that message early and often.


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