Hate Your Job, But Don’t Leave It Until. . .

Q.  I know you have often extolled the need to stay in a job until you find another one or it finds you.  But what if you really hate everything about your current job, as do I?  I want to remain in PR, but just not in this job and wouldn’t mind taking off a few months to look for something better.   -LL

A.  Gaping holes in one’s resume used to concern prospective employers.  That’s no longer a major stigma, but you still “show better” when you interview from the vantage point of being gainfully employed.  You interview with greater confidence when you have little to lose since you’re not putting all your cards on the table in the hopes of landing a new job.  Your current job also sets a salary benchmark that employers realize they need to meet or exceed in order to lure you away from your current job.  Finally, there’s no way to determine how many weeks or months a job search will require.  It’s likely to take longer than you think unless you have a well established network and some indication that you can count on landing a job when you’re ready to return to the real world. 

When I suffered in a job I disliked (didn’t completely hate it), I made my escape plan a game that I played every day–taking pleasure in small wins, avoiding stressful encounters, and maintaining a sense of humor.  That attitude helped me break through to the next opportunity without leaving a gaping hole in my resume.  I suggest taking a deep breath, and then carefully consider your options before jumping ship.   Type in “job hopping” in the Search box above to see previous posts relevant to your question.

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