Microsoft Exchange: Your Mailbox Is Full

Today, I received a well-written cover letter, resume and several attachments–not in response to any existing openings, just “fishing”. 

Not noticing the size of the email, I forwarded it to our HR director (where the resume should have gone in the first place) and the above headline warning immediately popped up on my computer.  Having just cleaned out my sent and received emails last night, I was surprised with the message and quickly spotted the problem.  The unsolicited resume and attachments consumed 4 MB of my computer’s memory.  Ouch. 

Busy people hate seeing this message, especially when they are on the road and away from their computers.  So, be careful what you send.  Resumes with short cover notes are most appropriate for an initial “cold call”.  Save the huge attachments for the next round when an agency or company expresses interest.  Better yet, take them to the interview with you.  In most cases, they’re not necessary.  Your resume, writing test and interview carry the day.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Exchange: Your Mailbox Is Full

  1. What is an MG? And you would suggest no attachments? Is this only when fishing for employment and not in direct response to a job posting?

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