Switching Jobs: From PR to Teaching


Many of my friends are teaching one or two college courses, and a few have moved into full-time faculty positions.  One friend gave up his long and unsuccessful search for a PR position in order to return to college for a year to get a teaching certificate.  He’s now an elementary school teacher.   

In each instance, these friends have had a variety of reasons for their decisions.  Some simply are in the “give-back” mode of their careers.  Several haven’t had success in finding appropriate-level PR positions.  A couple have always wanted to be teachers but got onto other career paths due to opportunities that seemed more appealing (and profitable) at the time they were starting out. 

The Sunday New York Times today tells the career-switch story of Peter Wilson, a Boston-area PR manager who was laid off in 2006, and eventually decided to return to college to get his master’s degree in teaching.  Today, Peter is a middle school teacher.  His story provides important insights that will be helpful to anyone contemplating a career switch into teaching.   

One thought on “Switching Jobs: From PR to Teaching

  1. Ron …

    Over the years I’ve had people suggest teaching to me, but it’s never really had much appeal … while I’m still searching for “my next challenge” (hopefully in Communications somewhere), I may have to give the “teaching option” some thought!

    – @BTRIPP

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