4 Guideposts for Unemployed PR Pros

   Edward M. Bury, APR   

In September my position as Senior Director of Public Relations for a real estate association was eliminated due to budget constraints. This has been a challenging time for me and many others in public relations and other industries.  But it’s also a time to think, grow and reinvent myself for the next stage of my life and career.

I’m resolved to continue working in public relations because that’s what I do, and I remain confident in my skills and value in the market. Also, the past few months have provided a perspective on “what it’s like” for those of us pursuing a new position.

Here’s what I’ve learned in the past four months:

Demand — There is a demand for professionals with my skills, as I landed five clients who have given me project assignments, mainly writing and media relations.  I’ve added “ghost blogger” to my credentials.

Jobs — Companies are seeking public relations and marketing professionals, but not necessarily making up their minds. However, there may be some movement as I’ve received call backs recently.

Network — This may be overstated, but there’s no substitute for building and maintaining a network. It’s led to project work and leads for me.

Fulfillment — With my search, I’ve allocated time to do what I want to do, like volunteer work for PRSA and contributing to my blog.

Public relations will remain a vital force in business and commerce, perhaps more so as the economy rebounds. I continue to be a force in the industry now and remain confident my role will increase in the near future.

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