100 Great Posts to Jumpstart Job Search

The Internet is filled with job search advice.  Unfortunately, it often takes hours to sift through the clutter to find the help you’re seeking.  

Online career advice site Job Profiles compiled a well-organized list of the 100 best job search posts, including some from my blog.  Thanks to Amber Johnson and the Job Profiles team for sharing the following invaluable resource with Culpwrit.

For many, finding a job in this economy is an uphill battle. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t jobs out there and that a job search is futile. While it might be a challenge, with the right attitude, a little finesse and maybe even a dash of luck, you can and will find a job. Whether you need a little inspiration, want to revamp your resume or just start the whole search process over from scratch, these blog posts offer you a wealth of information on getting the job you want.


Before potential employers ever meet you they see your resume, making it the ideal place to make a good first impression. Check out these posts for advice on building a resume that will keep employers interested in you and get you the job.

  1. The Power of a Well-Written Resume: This post will help you learn why it may have been your resume that was holding back your job search and small ways you can tweak it to make it better.
  2. Drafting the Perfect Resume and Cover Letter: Read through this post to get some helpful advice on building a resume that will make you stand out.
  3. 7 Resume Lies Employers Will Never Check: While you shouldn’t fudge key information on your resume, this post will tell you how you can choose to highlight or omit information so that your resume works to your advantage.
  4. Reducing Resume Clutter: No one wants to wind through a resume that’s pages long and full of unnecessary information. This post will help you pare down your resume to the essentials.
  5. 10 tips to a killer resume: Because so many people are out of work, resumes have to be better than ever to stand out. Read through this post to learn some ways to make yours the best it can be.
  6. 5 Ways To Rescue Your Rotten Resume: If you know your resume is less than stellar, use this post as a guide to revise it.
  7. Resume Format- Sink or Swim: This post will help you learn how to format your resume so that it’s easy to read and find pertinent information within.
  8. Minding the Gap in Your Resume: If you took time off work to care for children, help sick relatives or pursue personal interests, then this post can help you deal with the gap in your employment history.
  9. Top 5 Resume Tips: The information in this post will work well for new grads and older workers alike who want to create a well-branded, attractive resume.
  10. Five Signs Your Resume is Passe: If you haven’t updated your resume in years, it may not make the grade in today’s marketplace. Learn how you can tell if your resume needs a major overhaul from this post.


You don’t want to make it all the way to the interviewing process only to commit a major faux pas at the last minute. These posts will help you prepare to ace your next interview.

  1. When Job Hunting: Dress for Success: Learn how you should dress in order to make yourself look professional and pulled together at an interview.
  2. Phone Interviewing Success: If you have to get through a phone interview in order to get an in-person meet up, check out this post to learn how to make the most of the opportunity.
  3. Answer Strategies to Common Interview Questions: Reading through this post can help you prepare to answer even the most difficult interview questions.
  4. Fifty Standard Interview Questions: This post will prepare you for some of the more common interview questions you’ll face.
  5. 5 Surefire Ways to Screw Up Your Next Job Interview: With so many posts focused on what you should do, this one takes the opposite stance and tells you what you shouldn’t do if you want to get the job.
  6. Job Interview: Topics You Should Avoid: Learn what not to bring up in your interview if you want to be taken seriously and look professional from this post.
  7. Job interview cues that say “hire me”: Read this post to learn about all the little things that can help assure potential employers that you’re the right person for the job.
  8. Interviewing During the Economic Downturn – How to Look Confident in a Job Interview: This post can help you learn how to appear to be the best person for the job, look confident and score big on your next interview.
  9. On a Job Interview, Tips for Handling Tough Questions: Potential employers may ask you some pretty tough questions during the interview. You can be prepared by reading this post.
  10. The Values That You Should Have In A Job Interview: Show interviewers what you’re really made of by exuding these values in an interview.

New Grads

New grads face special challenges when entering the job market because of lack of experience. These posts offer some job search tips catered just towards entry level needs.

  1. Advice for Recent Grads: This post asks readers to offer their career advice to new grads–some of which can be very helpful.
  2. 7 Common Interview Questions for the New Graduate: This post can help you prepare for some of the more common questions you will be asked in a job interview as a new grad.
  3. How New Grads Can Take Charge of Job Search Rejection: Job rejection can hit some new grads hard, but this post will help you find motivation in the process.
  4. Job Hunting 101 For New Grads: If you’ve never really had to search for a job before this post will explain the basics of the process to you.
  5. Many college grads find work outside line of study: Read this post to understand why you might want to look outside of your major to find work.
  6. 10 Tips for Successful Career Planning: If you want a little guidance in planning your career, then read this tips-filled post.
  7. Students and Grads: Resume Boot Camp: This post will offer you some very helpful tips on creating a resume that really reflects your education.
  8. College grads finding job search tough, but not impossible: Finding a job isn’t easy for anyone, including new grads, so read this post to get some information and advice on easing your way into the working world.
  9. Tales of a Disgruntled Graduate: A View from the Front Lines of the Post-College Job Hunt: Commiserate with this new grad in the difficulties of finding a job, and get some useful tips as well.
  10. Nine practical tips for graduate job seekers: Use these tips to help you progress in your job search in spite of a tough market.

Older Workers

Like younger workers, older workers often face different challenges when looking for work. While ageism is an illegal form of discrimination, many older workers still find it more difficult to find work. These posts can help ease that process.

  1. Job Interview Problems and Solutions for Baby Boomers: While your age may not be as obvious on your resume, during the interview it sure will be. Use the tips from this post to turn it to your advantage.
  2. Resume Tips for Older Job Seekers: Learn how to bring your resume up-to-date and make it reflect your value as an older worker with help from this post.
  3. Tips for Older Job Seekers: This CareerBuilder article offers some advice on the job search process for workers with more experience.
  4. Job and Career Resources for Mature and Older Job-Seekers: This post offers links to loads of articles, tools and organizations that are designed to help you find work better and faster.
  5. 7 Mistakes Job-Seekers Over 50 Make: Make sure you don’t make these common mistakes as an older worker looking for a job.
  6. Older Job Seekers and Job Interviews: Don’t Let Age be a Detriment to Searching for Work: Read through this post to get some tips on making your age work for you in an job interview.
  7. Four Myths About Older Job Seekers: There are many unfair stereotypes out there about older workers and this post aims to help give advice on how to overcome them.
  8. Four Survival Tips for Older Job Seekers: This post will help guide you through the many hurdles you’ll face as an older worker.
  9. Top 10 Things for Older Job Seekers to Keep in Mind: Read this post to learn the things you need to keep in the back of your mind as you search for a job.
  10. 100 Useful Tips, Tools and Tutorials for Job Seekers Over 45: This long list of resources will help you better manage your job search and get the information you need to be successful.

Staying Motivated

With so many resumes sent out and so little success, many people find searching for a job a disenchanting experience. These posts will help you stay positive and motivated.

  1. Three Truths For Your Job-Search: These truths can help you learn to look at job searching in a different light and not get too discouraged.
  2. The Job Search. It’s Like Learning to Ride a Bike: Most people didn’t ride a bike the first time they ever tried, and the same holds true for job searching. This post aims to help you keep your spirits up despite failures.
  3. What To Do When Companies Aren’t Saying Yes: Not every interview will result in a job, and this post will offer some motivation to keep you going.
  4. 20 Motivational Songs for Your Job Search: Inspire your job hunt by listening to these songs that will get you pumped up and ready to kick butt.
  5. A Simple Job Search Motivator: Learn how setting daily goals can keep you motivated.
  6. Maintaining Motivation in Your Job Search: Read through this post to get some tips on how you can stay positive in your job search.
  7. Motivation When the Job Search Dries Up: Is your job search not going so well? Use this post to keep you on track even when you feel like nothing is going right.
  8. 5 Tips for Staying Positive During Your Job Search: Check out this post to get a few tips on looking on the bright side, even if your job search isn’t coming up roses.
  9. Six Ways To Stay Positive During A Difficult Job Search: This blogger offers his take on how to keep going on your job search–no matter what.
  10. Job search derailed? Mizzou researchers say think positive: Read this article to learn what researchers have discovered about the impact your attitude can have on the success of your job search.

Job Search

These posts will help you make the most of the time you spend on your job search.

  1. 3 More Job Search Tips from 1938: The recession today doesn’t compare to the Great Depression of the 30’s and 40’s. Get some inspiration and help from the past in this post for your job hunt.
  2. How to Successfully Search for a Job: This post will take you through the basics that you need to pay attention to in order to find the job you want.
  3. The One Best Thing You Can Do For Your Job Search: Learn why adjusting your attitude can be the best thing you can do to turn your job search around.
  4. Guerrilla Voicemails Help Your Job Search: Don’t just call employers to check up on the status of your resume–use these tips to make sure you get your calls returned.
  5. Is Playing Hard-to-Get Suicide in a Job Search?: Is being confident in a down market necessarily a bad thing? This blogger doesn’t think so.
  6. Job Search Tips from the Front Lines: Here you’ll find a collection of tips from other job seekers who have been looking for a while.
  7. Organizing your job search: Staying organized while you’re searching for a job can be a big help in keeping your wits about you and knowing where you stand.
  8. Job Search Frustration? Tips for a New Approach To Job Searching: If you’re getting sick of looking for a job in the same old way, consider the tips in this blog.
  9. 5 Job Search Tips for Tough Times: Learn how to search for a job in an economic downturn and some specific considerations you’ll need to think about.
  10. A Job Search Can Feel Like a Lonely Process (But It Does NOT Have to Be!): Read this blog post to learn why you don’t have to go it alone when you’re looking for a job.
  11. Non-obvious guide to finding a great job: This post points out some of the less obvious things you should think about when seeking a new job.


Get some inspiration in the job search process, and proof that people do actually get jobs, from these posts.

  1. Inspiration: Go from Unemployed to Entrepreneur: Learn how this individual went from being out of work to starting his own successful business.
  2. How to Use the Power of Perspective: This post will help keep you in perspective and get some inspiration from others who have overcome great adversity.
  3. Finding inspiration for your job search: Sometimes it can feel hard finding inspiration for your job search, but this video blog offers some to keep you going.
  4. Unemployed Loser No More: Check out this post to hear about how this blogger finally got on track.
  5. Success Stories: These stories will show you that people are finding jobs and the ones they want, to boot.
  6. 10 Inspirational Online Business Stories: Read these stories to get inspired to start your own online business.
  7. Inspiration for your job search: This blogger shares his thoughts on how you can have an inspired job search.
  8. Inspiration in Times of Adversity: Here you’ll find some great tips for getting inspired in the worst of times, whether you are looking for a job or are facing something else.

Career Change

These posts will help guide you through a career change, whether because you can’t find a job in the field you want or you just feel like you need a change.

  1. 7 timely tips for those considering a career change: This post offers some advice to help you make an efficient, successful career change.
  2. 3 Steps to Jumpstart a Career Change: Read through this post to find out some ways you can get your career change in gear.
  3. Three Ridiculous Myths About Mid-Life Career Change: This post addresses some of the prevailing myths about career change that just aren’t true.
  4. Career Change? Forget Resumes: Focus on Re-writing YOU: Learn how you can change more than your CV when you’re embarking on a new career.
  5. Are You Ready To Change Career Paths?: Is now the right time to make a career change? Get some insights on whether or not you’re ready from this post.
  6. 4 Tips for Managing a Mid-Life Career Change: Making a career change isn’t easy, but this post can help grease the wheels of the process.
  7. Career Change Tips To Help You Land Your Dream JOB: Use these tips to guide you into a new career that fits who you are now.
  8. Top 10 Tips for Career Changers: These basic tips will help make your career change a relief, not a pain.
  9. Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Making Big Career Change: There are a lot of pitfalls that can happen when you embark on a career change, and this post helps you bypass some of the big ones.


Learn how to use technology to assist you in your job search in these posts.

  1. Top 10 Benefits of Using Twitter during a Job Search: Learn why using Twitter may help you along in your job search and getting your name out there.
  2. Social Media Job Search: This post will help you learn how to better utilize the wide variety of social media out there to get the job you want.
  3. The Ultimate Guide to Using Facebook as a Job Search Tool:Think Facebook is just for connecting with friends? Think again, as this post points out it can help you find a job as well.
  4. Avoid Blast Emails in Job Search: Learn why sending out mass emails may not be a good idea when it comes to looking for a job.
  5. Get a Head Start on Your Job Search Using LinkedIn: Read through this post to learn how to use LinkedIn to find opportunities for networking and employment.
  6. 10 Social Media Job Search Tips: This post will give you some helpful tips on making the most of social media during your job search.
  7. How I Found My Job Using LinkedIn — A Windmill Networking Success Story: If you think social media job searching is just all hype, read this blog post.
  8. Integrate Social Media into Your Job Search: Even if social media isn’t the focus of your job search, this post will help you learn to start using it in small ways.
  9. Get Out of the Online Job Postings Rut: If you’re sick of just trolling through huge online job listings site, this post offers some relief.
  10. How To Go About Finding A Job Online: For those who have never looked for a job online, this post can offer really useful advice.


These posts cover a wide range of job-hunting issues.

  1. Meeting Employers Through Job Fairs: This post will give you some tips and information on how you can make the most of a job fair.
  2. How to Negotiate a Job Offer in an Employer’s Market: If you do get a job offer, this post will give you some advice on how to get the things you want from it when the employer has the upper hand.
  3. Don’t Burn Bridges in Your Job Search: You may be getting frustrated about not getting a job, but this post offers some advice on not taking it out on employers–just in case.
  4. Tips for Attending Job Fairs: Read this post to learn how to make the most of the time you spend at job fairs.
  5. 4 Tips for De-Stressing Your Job Search: Looking for a job can be rough going, but this post will help you learn to relax and take care of yourself.
  6. Should You Always Accept “No” In Your Job Search?: This post explains why “no” may not always be the answer you should take as the final one (within reason, of course.)
  7. Should You Stop Your Job Search and Go Back To School?: If you’re finding it almost impossible to find a job, you may want to consider what this post is suggesting and go back to school.
  8. Extreme Job Hunting: Where Do You Draw the Line?: You’ve likely seen some of the extreme measures people have gone to in order to find jobs, but how far is too far? This post addresses that issue.
  9. Job Search Burnout: This post will help you learn to avoid getting over-exerted when you’re looking for a job.
  10. Avoiding Desperation During Job Search: You don’t want to come off as needy or desperate in your job search or take just anything you can get. This post will give you some advice and info to help avoid this situation.
  11. Six Things Michael Jackson Can Teach You About Job-Search: While the title of this article may seem in jest, it offers some seriously good tips.
  12. 100 Career Coach Blogs to Get You Through the Recession: Read through this post to get links to loads of great blogs that have advice to offer.

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