Lucky 13: Top Job Networking Sites

Over the past several months, readers have mentioned various job networking sites that they consider particularly useful, so I thought I’d share the top 13.  Many are familiar standbys, but perhaps others are new and will be helpful in job searches. 

 1.  LinkedIn

 2.  Twitter

 3.  CareerRealism

 4.  Plaxo

 5.  MyWorkster

 6.  Jobster

 7.  Facebook

 8.  VisualCV

 9.  Jobfox

10.  Ecademy

11.  Resumebucket

12.  Craig’s List

13.  PROpenMic

Remember networking etiquette:  Do not invite people to join networks such as LinkedIn if you do not know them or make a compelling business case for why they would want to do so.  Several of these sites list jobs, and you’re probably already using Facebook so its Marketplace is a good place to check regularly, although I found no PR listings today.  I especially was impressed with Resumebucket’s extensive list of PR jobs which you can sort by city, state or zip code.   Please add any other sites you find useful in Comments below.

One thought on “Lucky 13: Top Job Networking Sites

  1. is a great site. We have hired a few candidates from the site. Unlike Monster and HotJobs, it’s free for us to find candidates which is great for our startup in this economy.

    I hope they continue to grow

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