Job Detour Can Still Lead to PR Career

Q.  After having searched, I have had absolutely no luck finding public relations jobs. Therefore, I am considering going back to school for a masters degree in communication sciences and disorders. My question is, if I wanted to go back to a career in communications, after the recession, what could I do in the field with this degree?  -MS

A.  You are not alone in this quandary.  This sort of question is being asked by an increasing number of aspiring PR professionals, and many are opting for graduate school.

The good news:  If you remain interested in public relations after getting a graduate degree and then perhaps working in the field of communication science and disorders, it can still be possible to move into the PR field.  In order to make such a transition easier, you should build a resume filled with extra-curricular PR activities.  Help with publicity and marketing for nonprofit organizations in the community, and volunteer at the school or organization where you eventually land.  You can leverage that specialized experience in your eventual PR job search at agencies, hospitals and other organizations where the opportunities you gain will set you apart from others.

The bad news:  College deans report record numbers of graduate school applications, and the degree you are considering is especially competitive.  I know one smart young woman who was not accepted at any of the six colleges to which she applied this year.  So, like your job search, be sure to submit more applications than would have been required for undergraduate admission.  You can find graduates programs at

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