Networking’s Two-Way Street

Previous posts have discussed various aspects of informational interviews, but I’ve always had trouble responding to the question that everyone says should conclude such interviews:  “Now, is there anything I can do to help you?”  As a frequent recipient of that question, I’ve never had a good answer–until today.

When such an offer was extended by Remberto Del Real, I thanked him for the gesture, but I candidly confided that I often get the question but have never known how to respond other than suggest that the interviewee “pay it forward” when he or she lands a job.  Rem responded by saying that he has plenty of time and would like to stay active so he’s willing to volunteer for a favorite charity or other cause that might be important to me.  “I have plenty of time right now and would like to stay busy,” Rem added. 

I told him that I would pass this along to Culpwrit readers since it is a great point to include when closing an informational interview.  And, yes, I’m sending Rem some names of nonprofits that could use his help.   

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