Be Cautious with Online Job Boards

Q.  I have been stung by more than one online job service.  How do I know which ones are honest and reliable?  Recommendations?  -EP

A.  With more than 60,000 job boards on the Internet, you have to be careful to weed out those that simply want to lure you into paying them for services you can get for free.  Even the top three are abused by “career consultants” and others who don’t have jobs, but simply want you to pay them for information you probably already know.  Don’t miss reading Sarah Needleman’s Wall Street Journal story:  It Isn’t Always a Job Behind an Online Job Posting.

My recommendation is to not pursue any job that doesn’t clearly list the name of the firm with the opening.   Although I never registered for Career Builders, I get several strange job listings each week–usually for mining engineering jobs in Australia or secretarial positions in Asia.  Attempts to get off the Career Builders’ list have not succeeded so I now have their incessant emails go right to spam.  (Perhaps I should give Career Builders the benefit of the doubt–maybe their URL has been compromised by the same ex-royal family member from Nigeria who wants to send me money for deposit in the U.S.)

Anyway, you know the other major online job positing services–Monster.  I also like the region specific ones like  And also bloggers like Gordon Barnes who simply list jobs that they know about.  Gordon’s blog focuses on the Washington, D.C. market.  The Career Journal also weighs in on job boards with an excellent Q&A column.

If you have a favorite, trustworthy site you’d like to recommend, please add it by clicking on Comments.

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