Like It or Not, Networking Leads to Jobs

We’ve written several posts about the importance of networking, so today’s New York Times Career Couch column by Phyllis Korkki caught my eye. 

Through just six questions and answers, the column provides an outstanding tutorial on networking.  The writer notes that many people hate networking, but she correctly points out that you are more likely to find your next job through someone you know than by simply sending resumes to strangers.  “The larger that circle of people, and the more you cultivate it, the better off you will be.” 

Whether you are in the midst of your search or already have a job, this column is well worth reading. 

One thought on “Like It or Not, Networking Leads to Jobs

  1. Ron, this is a very good source you have shared with us.

    By the way, the first link in the post is broken. Enjoy a peaceful festive time!

    Thanks for the catch. Link has now been fixed. Ron

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