Social Media: A Day in the Life Of . . .

  Jessica Randazza, Account Executive 

                                   Publicis Consultants – PR, Seattle, WA

The public relations field is constantly changing in order to keep up with client demands and expectations and inevitably the change brings with it ever growing social media.  As a young professional, I have frequently been called on by senior staff for my insight and knowledge of social media and suggestions for how to incorporate it into our clients’ strategic plans.  By becoming well versed in social media, you’ll have a tremendous advantage over your peers. Researching social media case studies and understanding how to implement social media tactics will make your perspective valuable in today’s public relations work place.

A large portion of my job is staying actively engaged in the evolution of social media. The constant changing medium means there is always something new to learn and recommend for clients — as a young professional, social media is your best chance to be the expert.

Social media is overwhelming. Understanding how to use it with various clients and educating yourself in it can be tricky.  Here are a few tips that helped me find the transition easier and more enjoyable:

  • Create profiles on as many social networking sites as possible and of course, keep them tidy. Use them as an fun educational tool. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, FriendsterDoggyspace are all really great sites.
  • Engage yourself in blogs by reading and then blogging about your passions. While I want to say I was sincerely interested in public relations focused blogs right off the bat, that wasn’t quite the case. I starting to love the blogging community because of and assorted fashionista blogs. Then I became more comfortable engaging in Edelman’s 6 am.
  • Keep up to date with the medium. Stay in touch with edgy videos on YouTube or other viral campaigns – they may serve as useful case studies for clients later.

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