Career Capsule: Clarkson Hine

   Clarkson Hine  I was fortunate to begin my career in Washington, DC.  It’s an exciting city that brings together people from all across America and the world.  And it’s a place where one can earn a lot of responsibility (if not much money) at a young age.  At Cornell University, I had majored in…… Continue reading Career Capsule: Clarkson Hine

All Is Not Lost for the Class of 2009

One of my favorite New York Times columns, Career Couch, yesterday answered four important questions on the minds of the Class of 2009.  Bottom line, writer Eilene Zimmerman says the job situation is troubling, but it certainly isn’t hopeless.  The column also refers to two websites we hadn’t previously heard about–PricewaterhouseCoopers career site and  Although not…… Continue reading All Is Not Lost for the Class of 2009