5 LinkedIn Job Search ‘Rules’

  An executive recruiter told me last week that his initial information source about potential job candidates is shifting from word-of-mouth references to social media–specifically LinkedIn.  An increasing number of companies are enlisting social media to identify and recruit prospective employees.  Even staid Sears announced recently that it is using Twitter to recruit 7,000 employees.  Giant consulting…… Continue reading 5 LinkedIn Job Search ‘Rules’

3 Rules of Success: Comptence, Confidence, Caring

   William D. Green Must reading:  William D. Green’s Corner Office interview in today’s New York Times.  Green, chairman and chief executive of giant consulting firm Accenture, candidly mentions his initial education struggles and how he turned his raw talent into success.  He reduced 68 rules shared with new Accenture managers to three that really matter:  …… Continue reading 3 Rules of Success: Comptence, Confidence, Caring