Top 10 Posts of 2022 Focus on Self Improvement, Job Search and DEI


Time flies: Culpwrit is wrapping up its 14th year and nearing 1,500 posts.

It was the early spring of 2008 when three interns led by Kevin Saghy pitched the idea of this blog to yours truly, who at the time headed the Chicago office of Ketchum. That winning pitch was more life changing than ever imagined. It lead to a career shift where I traded in a corporate/agency career for a move to academia where I work with some amazing colleagues who are helping develop future leaders of the public relations profession.

Each year at this point, I enjoy looking back at the past year to see what blog posts clicked most with readers. Here are the favorite posts of 2022:

  1. Rip Up Your Resume. Focus on Your LinkedIn Profile
  2. Interns Are a Bargain — Pay Them Fairly
  3. How a Former Professional Ballerina Became PRWeek’s Outstanding Student
  4. Ketchum CEO Discusses Serving Employees and Communities Through DEI
  5. Say Hi! Building a More Connected World Through Weak Ties
  6. Going Independent: Starting Up or Starting Out in 2022
  7. What I’ve Learned From Being Bad, Not the Misbehavin’ Kind of Bad
  8. It’s PR, Not ER: PR Advice From Pros
  9. Fear Not. You Can Manage Those Presentation Jitters and Start Strong
  10. How I’ve Navigated Working Amid Uncertainty

Thanks to the many colleagues and friends who have contributed guests posts to this blog and to the more than 15,000 readers who inspire us to look forward to our 15th year. Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Posts of 2022 Focus on Self Improvement, Job Search and DEI

  1. You continue to assign way too much credit for this thriving masterpiece you’ve created! I learn from you and the blog to this day. How fortunate I am to have that opportunity.

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