Twitter Matters. Now More Than Ever.


By Carol Fowler

As one who has studied social media for several years now, I have a few opinions about Twitter that I’d like to share with the many fans of Ron’s blog, especially students.

1. Twitter matters. Now more than ever.

Where did I turn for the very latest information about the horrific attack on the people of London? I’m not near a TV, but I have my iPhone (and Twitter).

I recently attended a workshop by a marketing ‘expert’ who declared that Twitter was dying and Facebook is really where the action is.

Maybe you don’t care about Twitter either. But if what you do (your career) is important, I bet you do (or if not, you should). Personal brands are built on Twitter. It’s where the most influential, thought leadership exists. Don’t you want to be leading that conversation one day?

It’s a much smaller crowd (relative to FB). But mighty indeed.

2. Too much of Twitter is automated

Many brands schedule posts days in advance, check the box and pay no further attention. And they wonder why there’s no engagement.

That’s how tweets about ‘best spring garden flowers’ show up during a terrorist attack.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t schedule posts. But social media managers have to pay closer attention. And talk with the audience and comment on other content.

3. Thank new followers sincerely

Related to #2 are these tools that allow you to automate thank yous to new followers. Please don’t use them …. and don’t ask me to follow your FB page, subscribe to your YouTube channel etc.

I barely know you since you just followed my account. Better to say “Thanks for following and I’m looking forward to seeing your content too.”

There will be plenty of time later to find each other on the other platforms.

4. Be honest and polite (not mutually exclusive terms)

Somewhere along the way, it became ‘okay’ to say things in social media that one would never say to someone’s face because that would be ‘rude.’

Mind your manners and you will stand tall.

Especially if journalism or PR is your calling. Stand your ground, disagree strongly. And you must be a class act always.

Enjoy! And looking forward to any questions or thoughts!

Carol Fowler Carol Fowler is a social media strategist, who co-founded and now serves as CEO of Chicago-based The SocReports and KloboMedia. She also is an adjunct lecturer at Northwestern University.





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