Volunteerism Builds Resumes While Doing Good

The summer volunteer recruiting season has shifted into high gear, so this is a perfect time for students and job seekers to enhance their resumes with career-specific experiences while helping worthy nonprofit organizations.

I was reminded of the importance of volunteerism during yesterday’s executive committee meeting at the Lincoln Park Zoo where volunteer director Lauren Pike detailed her well-organized initiative that will place 450 volunteers into 10 key support roles at the nation’s oldest–and still free–zoo. Like thousands of other nonprofits, the Lincoln Park Zoo would have a difficult time surviving without the dedication of its passionate corps of volunteers. As this blog discussed in the past, volunteer experience builds resumes and demonstrates your commitment to taking a broader role in life.

In order to be the best volunteer possible, you should seek out organizations that have missions that inspire you. Without personal passion for a cause, your attention span will be brief and contributions limited. If you’re new to volunteerism, you can get additional insights by scanning the many volunteer opportunities listed with two free online services–United We Serve and Volunteer Match. Simply enter your specialty area of interest and desired location, and you immediately see available volunteer possibilities. International organizations offering similar matching opportunities include Global Volunteer Network and Global Service Corps.

One thought on “Volunteerism Builds Resumes While Doing Good

  1. Excellent advice — volunteering where your passion and an organization’s mission match. In addition to the great rewards you receive, you make new relationships with people sharing your cause; create a permanent link to the organization; and build your personal brand (and résumé). Sounds so good I may look for a new place to volunteer!

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