5 Ways Social Media Can Improve Public Relations

The way the public views a brand, person, or company is dependent on how well they are presented socially. Although advertisements will shed a positive light on the available services or products offered by these instances, it is the public interaction that can solidify that positive aspect or ruin a reputation. Keeping the public “in-the-loop” in today’s world is simply more than public appearances or standing in front of the press. Social media sites can be just as effective, if not more so.

Pursuing a career in public relations can be a rewarding one as you are helping someone or a company improve the way public relates. You are partially responsible for the success of any given client whether they are political or corporate. It is the activities of the public relations coordinator that can propel the client to a new level of awareness by the populace that may have gone overlooked otherwise.

Involving yourself in the PR aspects of a client allows you to influence how the client may view it, him, or herself. Using your knowledge, training, and talents you can help quell some of the darkest situations. You can also help in preventing a bad situation from becoming worse. It is your job to know the public and what will work in order to help any given circumstance. Can you imagine being able to put in your talents to help promote a new technological wonder that everyone needs? You might be responsible for delivering the next biggest product that makes headlines around the globe.

Social media is just one of the aspects that the PR person can utilize to maximize the effect on the community. As millions of people frequent social media sites on a regular basis, you would be foolish to assume that there is no effect in this medium. Using the knowledge you’d gain from an education, you can put together a campaign that would benefit your client greatly using these free forms of communication.

1. Information – The time spent to write a short blurb or produce a quick video about an individual or an organization is more efficient than examining avenues such as television, radio, or newspaper. As social media is present at all times as opposed to other “real-life” media, information is readily available to those who may have missed the televised broadcast or radio spot. These updates are persistent and will be available even at one in the morning.

2. Interpersonal – A regular update to social site profiles can make the public feel informed and connected to the individual or organization on a more personal level. The more mysterious these situations are, the more likely that the general public will lend credence to any rumors that surface regarding them. Using social media to engage the public in today’s society can be as effective as going door-to-door. Except in this case, you don’t have to worry about annoying the public with door-to-door visits.

3. Technology Conscious – Some people gauge a company’s prowess in today’s market by how well they involve current technologies. They simply trust Quickbooks data entry over pencil and paper, for example. A great deal of time is spent online by many individuals and a company’s presence within these social circles proves to many that they are invested in the future of humanity. It’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination if you think about it. Who do you trust more, Google or the phone book? Google will give you ratings and reviews from people using the service you are looking for locally. The phone book gives you a number and possibly the address. Even individuals can be seen in a more positive light by embracing that which so many users covet.

4. The Masses – According to an infographic of Internet users around the globe, 239 million people frequent online activity in the United States. That is 239 million users that can potentially see your message. Although reaching this number may be somewhat difficult to obtain, the potential alone should warranty activity within social media to spread your message.

5. Marketing – Using social media is essentially the same as a marketing campaign would be for a can of pop or a popular shoe. In this case, the marketing is nearly free to use which is far superior to cost than traditional methods of engaging the public. Whether you’re planning on using Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, or other social media outlet, the cost effectiveness of social media is incomparable.

Social media sites are more than just friends and family getting together to play Scrabble or chat about the newest YouTube video from a favorite celebrity. Business, politicians, and non-profit organizations have come to realize the impact social media can have. It is a way to reach millions of people across a variety of platforms to spread a message. By understanding the social media constant, you could theoretically reach more people than any television broadcast ever could.

Jason Miner a freelance writer who engages with fellow bloggers through Blog Carnival. He can be contacted through e-mail at jasonminer8atgmaildotcom.


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