Four Tips to Landing a Job in Public Relations

If you’re passionate about getting a job in PR, you need some serious determination. It’s becoming an increasingly popular field and very competitive. For a select few though, the dream can become a reality. Here, we look at top ways to secure a job in PR.

Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

PR executives love job applicants who have a genuine passion for media. If you want to impress in your interview, make sure that you take a little time every day to read and analyse a range of publications, including online and offline. You should have an opinion on the latest developments and be able to articulate your thoughts succinctly. Thankfully, the age of the internet makes this process a lot easier. Consider using an RSS reader to bring together news from all your favorite sources.

Use Social Networks To Make Connections

If you aren’t already using networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn to make connections, you’re missing a trick. Make sure that you have a professional profile, and follow influential figures in your field. Spamming them with questions and job requests will get them nowhere, but if you take the time to cultivate relationships and add insight into conversations, you’ll start to get noticed. Further down the line, a strong social presence could also help you to get your job done effectively.

Seek Out Internships

Lots of PR companies offer internships, and they’re an excellent foot in the door. Seek out promising opportunities in your field and get as much experience as you can. When you’re there, work hard and try to pick up some contacts that you could use the future. Even if it doesn’t lead to a longer-term position, you’ll pick up some valuable skills along the way. These trainee jobs are how many people have launched their careers.

Perfect Your Writing Skills

Writing is a key skill for PR practitioners. You’ll be required to write press releases, craft convincing communications to journalists, and put your proposals in writing for new projects. Make sure that you have a portfolio that shows off what you can do. While you’re searching for permanent opportunities, you could even do some freelancing to build your experience and make some contacts.

Even in this tough economic climate, there are many ways to kick start a career in PR. If you follow these tips, you should find that it opens many doors.

Are you thinking about working in PR? What are you doing to improve your chances of success?

Ruth Hinds writes for AllTheTopBananas, a UK-based search service that lets you browse through jobs in Portsmouth to Liverpool. You also can upload your resume on the site.

2 thoughts on “Four Tips to Landing a Job in Public Relations

  1. Great tips, but what if you are older and looking to make a career change, say from design to PR? When you have a mortgage and family, an internship is not very realistic. Any tips for switching gears?

    1. Gina: You raise a great question that I hear often from media friends, lawyers and other professionals wanting to make a career shift to public relations. It is possible, but very difficult unless you have specialized industry experience needed by a particular agency or company. Otherwise, major agencies mostly seek to hire individuals who can hit the ground running (e.g. billable from day one). Small to mid-size agencies and nonprofit organizations take more risks with hiring non-PR trained staffers, especially if the individual has relevant experience to their clients or mission. Networking within your current industry may turn up important contacts that can help with your search. Leverage your current experience by pursuing opportunites with organizations that give you credit for your experience. Otherwise, you’re competing with way too many people, most of whom are happy to start as interns.

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