Personalize Your Holiday Networking Game Plan

Several job seekers have told me they are putting their searches on hold during the holiday season claiming “no one is focused on hiring right now.”  As I’ve said in an earlier post, that response is a cop out. Gone are the days that employers stop looking for talent during the month of December.

I talked with an agency head yesterday who said he is looking to fill two entry-level positions. Two unemployed senior practitioner friends told me this week that they are actively involved in interviews with three prospective agencies.  Bottom line, employers are gearing up for 2013, not shutting down during the holidays.

Job seekers might want to review tips provided last year for a holiday job search networking game plan.  In addition, don’t overlook a simple, thoughtful way to stay in touch with everyone in your job search network–send holiday cards. Earlier this year, I received a Happy New Year card from a job seeker who said she looked forward to landing a job in 2012.  In turn, once she got that job she said she planned to help others in their search efforts. The young PR pro has a full-time job today, and she’s, indeed, mentoring other young people pursuing careers in public relations. Her positive message in the greeting card was a smart way to stay in touch with her network, and it got attention since it came in a medium seldom used in today’s hyper email-focused world.

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