10 Must Have Skills for Future Talent Managers

Communications is a rapidly changing and evolving field. With technology continually growing, the means by which people can network¬†and communicate are now more diverse and varied than ever before. Mobile devices, tablets and social media have changed our communications landscape forever. News now seems to travel at the speed of light, and even the media at times seems to struggle to integrate all of these changes. In order to keep up, one needs to adapt to changes while at the same time having eyes and ears open to what’s just around the corner as growth and innovation continues.

One of the keys to success in all relationships, both in business and in life, is being a good communicator. Successful talent management is no different, being well versed in the art of communication goes a long way in fostering success as a talent management professional. Students who are well versed in communications seem to have the most success in talent management as a professional career. Skills such as artfully managing employees, quality human resource awareness and fostering motivation in the work environment are all talents that can be fostered communications studies. Here are the top ten skills good communicators need to succeed in talent management:

1. Make communication a two-way street

Don’t talk “at” people; make sure you are as good a listener as you are a communicator.

2. Have an open-door policy

Make sure your clients as well as your co-workers feel welcome to come to you with any issue — but set reasonable limits and parameters as to how much access they have to you.

3. Have a clear vision and goals for your relationships

Get very clear about the purpose of your business relationships, and make sure all parties are on the same page. This way all of you will know what you are striving for, and have a clear destination in mind.

4. Make sure all parties are clear about their roles and responsibilities

Co-workers and assistants should know what is expected of them.

5. Delegate respectfully and effectively

Don’t do it all yourself! Delegate tasks to appropriate parties so you can be free to do your job well.

6. Be generous with your praise

Nothing motivates people like feeling genuinely appreciated, so make sure you “catch people doing things right.”

7. Show that you care

Lead and manage from your heart, not always just with your head.

8. Set specific benchmarks for success

Know what success means for you. Whether it’s your clients or your employees, take time to evaluate performance and then celebrate and reward successes both large and small.

9. Make use of technology and social media

There are a great many innovations that can enhance communication, so take time to become proficient and use them to your and your clients’ advantage.

10. Stay tuned in to current trends

With talent management, this is one of the most important attributes you can cultivate. When it comes to your clients, knowing how to capitalize on changes in their industry will help them to be successful, ultimately making you as their manager more successful as well.

Erik Reiber studied in Philadelphia and now works at a technology magazine. He enjoys freelance work when his schedule allows for it.

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  1. It seems most of these skills are non-tangible qualities which stand the test of time in conducting business, despite the advancing technology driving our profession.

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