Back to School I Go. . .

Little did I know when I ventured out on my own earlier this summer that I’d end up doing more than consulting and teaching a class or two.  I’ll, in fact, be doing both, and a lot more. 

Beginning next month, I’ll become director of the graduate PR and advertising program at DePaul University.  It’s an exciting challenge, and I’m pleased Dean Jackie Taylor and the graduate faculty felt my addition to their team could benefit students pursuing careers in PR and advertising.

Today’s official announcement from DePaul spells out my new role at the university.  I’ll also continue to consult with a few clients.  It’s a full plate of fun, and I look forward to meeting the PRAD graduate students in a couple of weeks. 

Thanks to the growing contingent of Culpwrit readers who encourage me through their readership, questions, comments and notes.  I’m sure this new experience will provide plenty of content for future posts.

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