9 End-of-Internship Tips That Leave a Good Impression

I attended a going away party this week for an outstanding intern, who reached the end of her internship.  She did an outstanding job while in her internship, and she did a brilliant job of building an impressive network while on the job.  In fact, she landed another big-agency internship via a PRSA networking event sponsored by her former firm.    

Importantly, the young PR pro finished her internship on many positive notes.  She met with key people in the office, sent thank-you notes and change of email info to the office and worked right up until the end of her last day on the job.  I thought of her smart relationship-building skills today as I read this Ragan’s PR Daily post:  “9 things to do at the end of your internship.”  The actual post elaborates on each point, but here are the headlines that sum up the excellent end-of-internship advice:

1.  Say thank you.

2.  Get connected.

3.  Get your samples.

4.  Get coached.

5.  Keep working?

6.  Stay in touch.

7.  Say only good stuff.

8.  Don’t burn bridges.

9.  Share your experience.


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