Your Social Media History Can Cost You a Job

For years, concerns regarding prospective employers gaining access to social media indiscretions largely have been ignored despite warnings by many old-timers, including this blogger.  Today’s New York Times confirms your social media presence is being mined, and what you say and do in SM can hinder your job prospects.

Social Intelligence (SI) is a year-old firm that compiles information about us by harvesting the rich crop of online data, photos and comments by and about us.  SI CEO Max Drucker notes he isn’t a detective; SI simply assembles what is publicly available on the Internet.  Companies enlist SI and other companies like it to help check out prospective employees.  There’s no surprise that the individual using Craigslist to shop for OxyContin didn’t get hired by the hospital where she had been interviewing.  Photos and videos tend to get the most people in trouble with prospective employers. 

Chicago branding expert Brian Kelly called this article to my attention, wisely observing:  “Even in our digital world, we never get a second chance at making a first impression.” 

Be careful out there.

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