Final Exam Hopefully Lands Jobs

This weekend, I’m compiling grades for the graduate PR course I taught this quarter at DePaul University.  I’m impressed with the final performance of all 23 students.  I use the word “performance” since this wasn’t your traditional final exam.

During the class, students learned how to develop their own personal message maps that established the framework for their job-search elevator speeches.  For the final exam, students had five minutes each to present their career goals and resumes to a panel of recruiters representing six major agencies.   

Despite some high anxiety, students kept their nerves under control–even the bruised young woman who was involved in an auto accident moments before her presentation time slot.  Another student insisted on coming to the “exam” despite having the flu and a 101-degree temperature that caused perspiration to stream down her face during her interview.  Both nailed their presentations.  I felt like a proud father. 

Besides a lot of solid A and B presentations, validation of the exercise came as I began hearing this week from students who received calls from the recruiters inviting them to come in for interviews (five so far).  I predict more interviews and job offers will follow. 

Special thanks to these recruiters who helped make this an exciting and rewarding experience for aspiring PR pros in PRAD 595: 

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