Don’t Hide Your Whereabouts

Q.  I’ve expanded my job search outside my home town, and someone told me to simply use my email address on my resume–no street address or town–so people focus on the resume, not the fact I don’t live in their city.  Have you seen resumes that only carry social media contact information?  -BG

A.   Yes, I’ve seen resumes that only provide an email address, Twitter and Facebook information.  One didn’t even have a phone number.  Unless you’re seeking a social media position, lack of traditional resume information is risky.  Non digitally savvy prospective employers may be annoyed by your not being forthcoming on your whereabouts.   Knowing your current location is important to the search process, especially if the employer wants to interview and on-board someone immediately. 

Instead of hiding your location, mention in your cover letter that you’re planning to relocate to the respective city.  Employers often are interested in meeting talent from outside their own geographic area, so your resume may get a bit more read time.

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  1. Friends who are moving to other cities have also indicated on their resumes that their current address is temporary, in addition to mentioning in the cover letter that they plan to relocate to cities near or in prospective employers.

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