How to Combat First Day on the Job Anxiety

Elias Cortez

First days or first times are always stressful; remember your first day at school, college, first time you were on stage and the butterflies in your stomach?  Now it is time for your first day at work and this will surely pass with flying colors.

First day at your job, of course, has its own unique preparations to be made, so get busy before you tie yourself in knots.  If you are tense you will pass on the energy to others at home and at the office; that does not enhance the atmosphere.   It helps to stay calm and be methodical in your approach to the great day.

First things first, night before have your clothes ready, pressed and laid out to put them on the next morning.  Put in the necessary items into your handbag so you do not fumble around in the morning.  See that you have the relevant files or papers that you may need to take with you, are ready.

Make all arrangements about waking up at the right time in the morning, check your car if you are to drive to work.  You can even prepare your breakfast halfway so that you do not have to skip it the next day.  Now relax and do other normal things to keep your mind off the coming event.

With all the right preparations you are sure to wake up and get ready much before time. Make a good impression by arriving few minutes early on your first day than a few minutes late.  An early start also puts you into an advantageous position which boosts up your morale.

While driving down to office listen to some good music to calm your nerves, which must be playing up again, as is usual.  Mentally prepare yourself to be pleasant in your attitude towards everybody at the office.  Smile and wish everyone you meet even though the other person may not.

On arrival you may not find things as you would have imagined, but that is no reason to be disappointed.  Nothing works out perfectly to our desires and wishes so accept it and get along.  If you have worked earlier it is quite possible that the new company has a work culture different from the last one – do not compare or voice your observations.

If this is your first job think of it as an adventure where you have come to learn and contribute.  This makes it easier to adjust and move on.  Be professional in your attitude and show your willingness to take on your responsibilities right away.

Be quick to learn the methods of operation in the new place and do not hesitate to ask when you are in doubt.  Asking makes you more human to your colleagues and others, because they too had a first day in their lives.

Finally, even though these words of advice may sound childish but a step by step approach prevents even the smartest of us all from making any ghastly mistake.  Remember you are here because you deserve it – you were chosen and appointed because you have the qualities to do the job.

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