Apply Now: Young Mentor Scholarship

I won a $1,500 Pulliam scholarship when I was in my senior year at Indiana State, and it paid for tuition, books, room-and-board and left a little spending money for my final two semesters.   Today, that full-ride scholarship wouldn’t stretch so far.
For the past past two years, I’ve attended the PRSSA national conference awards dinner and was inspired by the future talent hoping to enter the profession.  Last year, I was a judge for one of the scholarship awards.  After reading the applications, I decided it was important to increase the number of available scholarships–sort of paying it forward since I certainly benefited from the Pulliam family’s generosity. 
This week, PRSSA began promoting my scholarship which recognizes outstanding student mentors.  I intend to increase the number and amount of scholarships over the years, and I encourage other senior members of the profession to consider helping deserving students by funding scholarships through the PRSA Foundation. 
For more details about the mentorship scholarship and copy of the application form, click on this PRSSA link.

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