Don’t Raise Questions With Objective

Q.  Thanks for your helpful recent posts of resume tips.  One more question, what do hiring managers want to see in an objective from an entry-level applicant?  -AP

A.  Forget about leading off with an objective on your resume.  Most focus on what applicants want out of a job, but hiring managers first and foremost want to know what the individual brings to the agency or company.  I responded to a similar question three years ago, and haven’t changed my mind.  In fact, objectives today are even more lofty and questionable than back then.  I recently told a 2011 grad to drop his objective which sounded more like a mission to save the world than gain an agency internship.  Get the job first, work hard and then set your long-term goals.

One thought on “Don’t Raise Questions With Objective

  1. They should state who they want to be first. As an entry level job it may be simply be a stepping stone on to the next.
    Then a cover letter. Do they know who we are? Did they read the job description? Is it something they are willing to do?
    An honest interview is the key. Yes I hire people who I know that this is their stepping stone job. IE. An Accounting major who serves the accounting industry until they get hired as an Accountant.
    If the applicant is honest and gives me a fair effort, I will be the first one to help them land their second job.
    Doc Lou

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