Salary Survey Provides More Bullish News

Karen Bloom

So, the signs are pointing towards economic recovery, right? 

There’s proof: the Labor Department reported that February saw the biggest jump in added jobs since last May.  And according to earnings statistics cited by the Today Show’s Life Inc., the pay gap between men and women is narrowing (yes, it still exists in more professions than not)!  These stats must mean improvement and better days ahead for the PR industry, wouldn’t you agree?  Well, maybe.  But we need to take a closer look at PR.

Overall, everyone is feeling optimistic about 2011 and what it holds for both job seekers and employed pros.  In fact, more professionals launched their job searches in 2010 vs. 2009, which is a huge sign of confidence.  PR firms and companies are once again starting to compete for talent much more aggressively.

And what are some of the “hottest” and most sought after specialties?  Fastest growing has got to be the emerging area of Social Media.  And those who know how to apply it to traditional areas of focus are frequently popping up on the speaker circuit and in the blogosphere.  Other areas that remain MVPs of the communications world include reputation management, employee communications, brand management and corporate communications.

The 2011 PRWeek Salary Survey, which I’m proud to say was sponsored again by my firm, was released last week, and it’s filled with interesting information.  Some of it reflects what we want to know about, and some of it is simply what we need to know as it relates to this industry of ours.  I’m sure you’ll have your own opinions – which I really do want to hear – about its contents.  But for now, I’m going to share some of the stats that I found pretty fascinating…

• In 2010, pay increases made a comeback, with the biggest increases seen at levels of $20K or more over previous salaries.  In fact, PR pros “are expecting a substantial increase in their annual compensation.”

And under the category of, “I could’ve told you that!”
• The #1 reason for making a job change in 2010 was to seek new challenges and responsibilities, vs. the #1 reason in 2009 which was downsizing.

What are some of the biggest changes or challenges you’ve experienced as the PR industry recovers?  Please share your comments!

Karen Bloom is a principal at Bloom, Gross & Associates, a Chicago-based boutique search firm that specializes in marketing and public relations.positions.

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