Temp Holiday Job Can Lead to Full-Time

If you’re a student or unemployed PR job seeker, you should look into the multitude of temporary jobs available during the holiday season that officially launches this week.  Although most part-time jobs might not feel like a strategic fit for your long-term goals, such positions can broaden your network and lead to other opportunities. 

The New York Times Career Couch column today provides helpful tips about the value of holiday jobs.   The article brought to my attention a great job board for hourly positions — SnagAJob.com.  Simply enter your zip code and hourly positions in your area will pop up.  A great resource for part-time job seekers. 

Dawn Fay, a district president for staffing firm Robert Half International, says a temporary position can be an audition for something more permanent.  Even if you aren’t doing the kind of work you would want in the long term, it’s a foot in the door, so do an outstanding job, Ms. Fay says.  Be sure to let your supervisor know you’re interested in permanent work.

Michael Erwin, senior career adviser for online employment site CareerBuilder.com, encourages individuals to cultivate their seasonal jobs for future opportunities.  “Tell your boss the goals you want to accomplish while you’re there,” he says.  “This brings a whole new life to the position and shows you are sincerely interested in the company, and not just for the holidays.”

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