Survey Predicts Growth for Agencies, Jobs

For the third straight quarter, results of the latest Council of Public Relations Firms survey of member agencies point to continued incremental revenues gains.  This is good news for those currently working in agencies, and will create additional job opportunities as client assignments kick in. 

While 68.4% of agencies projected higher revenues in 2010 than in 2009, some 38.6% also predicted next year’s client budgets would be higher.  Those saying budgets would stay the same accounted for 28.1% and about a third said it’s too soon to tell.  Importantly, less than 2% felt 2011 budgets would be lower.

Other questions:

Finding the right person to hire, at the moment is:

Same as always  42.1%

Difficult                38.6%

Very difficult         8.8%

Relatively Easy     8.8%

Very Easy               1.8%

Top 5 New Business Trends for 2011 (projected)

  1. More requests for Social/Digital
  2. More competitive pitches
  3. Shift away from traditional media relations towards online influencers
  4. Tie–Integrated campaign work/More project work

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