Too Soon To Vacation: 3 Weeks on the Job

Q.  I started my new job this week, but need to know how I tell my supervisor that I had planned a vacation in two weeks.  I know I should have discussed it prior to the job offer, but I was surprised it came when it did since I thought I would have been able to take the vacation before starting work.  What do you suggest?  -TN

A.  You realize you made a mistake.  Best time to negotiate an earlier-than-normal vacation is during the job offer process, not after you begin a new job.  If it’s an extra special vacation or one that you’ve prepaid, then I suggest you explain the situation to your supervisor and note that you’ll take the trip as unpaid time off.  If the office is busy, you’re going to raise eyebrows so make sure it’s the trip of your dreams.

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