8 Building Blocks for Job Search Motivation

Q.  After a year-long PR job search, I’m ready to apply at McDonald’s.  I started my search with a lot of positive energy, but the last few months I am just going through the motions.  My parents, who want the best for me (and want to get me out of their house), are my only motivation right now and it’s not necessarily positive.  Should I give up and settle for a burger flipping job until things improve in PR? -NT

A.  Sounds like you need a motivational pep talk.  You might want to check out Conor Cunneen’s website.  A motivational author and speaker, Conor tells job seekers they’re in “unpaid employment,” not unemployed.  Conor coined an acronym called SHEIFGAB, which is comprised of the first letters of the following motivational words:

  • S – Structure (your life)
  • H – Help (others)
  • E – Environment (change it)
  • I – Improve (yourself)
  • F – Family (communicate with)
  • G – Goals (set and achieve)
  • A – Attitude (determines your success)
  • B – Behavior

Fortunately, there are encouraging signs on the PR job front.  I’m hearing of more jobs opening than at any point in the past three years.   That requires job seekers to motivate themselves to accelerate their searches.   For tips on ramping up your job search, check out Tim Conway’s earlier post–To Uncover Career Gold, Be Bold.

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