Is APR Necessary for Success?


Q.  I graduated three years ago and am working in PR, and now wondering if I should go through the APR process that my local PRSA chapter is offering.  Several friends are doing so, but my current boss doesn’t think it is important for my career.  Will future bosses feel differently?  What do you recommend?  -LB

A.  I’m a huge proponent of many good programs offered through PRSA membership, but I think APR accreditation is a personal decision for you to make.  Your boss is correct that it won’t necessarily help your career, although some APR advocates claim otherwise.  During my four decades in PR, I’ve never once been asked by a prospective employer or client if I’m accredited.  I feel APR accreditation is “a good-to-do thing,” not a “must do.”  If you have the time and money to do it, you’ll enjoy the continuing education exercise.  APR will be acknowledged by other accredited PR professionals, but don’t expect it to significantly advance your career.  APR status currently is required for leadership roles in PRSA’s parent organization, but that subject will be debated at the international conference in Washington, DC next month. 

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