Volunteer Political Jobs Lead to Careers


In the U.S., this is the best time to become involved in politics–and build your resume of experiences.  Thousands of campaigns are under way throughout the country.  Simply walk into the campaign HQ and offer to help.  You might not automatically start out in a PR role. 

Small, seemingly insignificant assignments turn into more responsible ones when your dedication to the job is noticed.  During my sophomore year in college, I volunteered for a congressional campaign.  What began as extra hands for envelope stuffing evolved into my helping with press releases and I became a paid congressional intern after the candidate won the election.   

Check out HowToDoThings.com for a primer on landing a political job.  Also, several websites provide lists of political jobs in the U.S. and abroad.  Some of the best are:  Political Jobs, Career Builder and Career Jet.   For those wanting to work in Washington, DC, Craig Roberts’ blog lists opportunities on Capitol Hill plus he provides many worthwhile DC-oriented links, including HillZoo and Congressional Quarterly’s Jobs Site

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