Job Hopper Should Stay Put if Allowed


Q.  On Monday, I gave two weeks notice to my current employer since I accepted a new job at another agency.  I like my job, but after three years I was ready for a new challenge that didn’t appear to exist in my current agency.  Yesterday, my current employer posted a job that I’d really love to do.  Am I locked into moving to the new job, or can I change my mind even thought this might not be easy to do?  -DCL

A.  You’re in a tough position.  I’m assuming your current firm would like to keep you or you wouldn’t be raising this question.  It’s doubtful the HR process can be completed prior to your planned departure in a week and a half, so you must determine if you’re willing to forgo switching agencies in hopes of landing the new opportunity at your current firm.  Start by talking with your supervisor and human resources manager.  They should be able to give you an honest assessment of your chances of landing the new job.  If they offer to support your candidacy and you truly want the position, then stay put–realizing you may not get the new job and you will have ticked off the other agency.  They’ll get over it, especially with your explanation of the opportunity.  Your dilemma underscores the importance of openly exploring options in your current firm before jumping ship.   

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