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One of my favorite idiomatic expressions before offering a point of view is “here’s my two cents worth.”  For me, it’s a self-effacing way to offer up ideas and suggestions without sounding overly authoritative.

I was told by a regular reader last week that she often wants to add a comment, but is reluctant to do so for fear of asking a silly question or sounding arrogant.  After that revelation, I queried a few other readers who said they feel the same way, although one said he reads so many blogs that he never takes the time to offer his own points of view. 

Culpwrit readership has grown dramatically since I first started posting here two years ago.  Daily hits average 6K, yet comments remain sporadic.  When you read something of interest, please take the time to share your point of view.  If you have suggestions for future posts or questions, you can send them anonymously to me via the Contact link. 

Let me set the record straight:  I love reading your comments and am willing to pay you a penny for your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Share Your 2-Cents Worth

  1. For what it’s worth, I think this is one of the best blogs out there for those who are studying PR or are actually in PR (I just graduated, and I’m employed – but I still find this very useful). It’s simple, easy to read and has a lot of great advice and value!

  2. I agree, Amanda. I’m out of school and have held a few internships, but have not yet landed a full-time position. I, too, find this blog very helpful and insightful, Ron.

    I look forward to more posts and will make an effort to comment more frequently.


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